His Daughter - Encouraging Girls and Women

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Come in.  Fellowship, relax, and partake of what the Holy Spirit wants to do.  How he wants to comfort, and guide.

Let go of all of your concerns, and bask in his presence.  Have some "Me time"  with our Father.  He loves you so much, and wants a little bit of you, that only you can give despite your busy schedule, and other engagements.

We'll take some time in the word, share a prayer, and Laugh a little, while letting  Him minister to our inner selves - and If you can yield a bit, you'll find yourself ministering to him as well.  :-)

You are so worth allowing that pampering, and
Love to soak into you, and let everything else go for a while.  Sounds good?  Well, let's do it.  I pray that you will enjoy your visit with Him, and come out refreshed,  enlightened, and full of Joy and Peace. "O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him."  Psalm 34:8

If you get nothing else from this site, get this:  GOD LOVES YOU! With all of your faults, mistakes, and imperfections.  He created you, and you matter to him.

Peace to you, from our Sister in Christ,
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"His Daughters - God's Daughters, are truly loved by Him" ~ Paulon Shelton
"As the lily among thorns, 
so is my love among the daughters."
Song of Solomon 2:2